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Episode #51: The Leading Edge of Conscious Leadership

Bob Anderson is the co-creator of the most effective 360 leadership development tool, The Leadership Profile. More than that he is an ardent student and practioner of leading-edge leadership development. Join us this week as we discuss conscious/integral leadership, adult development and why in an era of constant and accelerating change ‘conscious’ leaders have never been more important. Hear Bob discuss ‘conscious’ leadership as an essential element of building an agile organization. Is your leadership development model producing highly dynamic and reflective leaders who focus on relationships? Or are you in the ‘old mode’ of leaders who focus on tasks and compliance (hit the targets I give you) at the expense of relationships and miss the opportunity to create psychological safety and enable others to takes risks, and learn and adapt quickly to changes in the business environment and customer needs.

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About Bob Anderson:

Robert J. Anderson has been a pace setter in the field of Leadership Development for over 30 years. He is the Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of Leadership Circle, and the co-author of Scaling Leadership and Mastering Leadership. Bob created the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360° assessment used by organizations the worldwide to measure the effectiveness of their leaders (individually and collectively), chart a pathway for their development, and assess their progress as they develop.

Bob received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from John Carroll University and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Bowling Green State University. In 2005, the Stayer Center for Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business awarded Bob the Partner in Innovation Award. The MEECO Leadership Institute awarded him the International Thought Leader of Distinction in 2018.


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