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Episode #50: Managing complex systems with "both/and" thinking - the practice of a polarity thinking

Barry Johnson first developed the principles of polarity thinking and maps in 1975. As the founder and leading practitioner of ‘both/and’ thinking, he offers a unique perspective on its application across business, politics, and society. As we increasingly understand the difference between solving problems AND managing complex systems, polarity thinking becomes a critical leadership capability for the 21st century! Let’s go for purpose AND profit, caring AND accountability, stakeholders AND shareholders!!!

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About Barry Johnson:

In 1975, Barry created the first Polarity Map® and set of principles.

Barry has worked with: Business and Industry - Amoco, Intel of Ireland, Cargill, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Natura of Brazil, SASOL; Government - International Atomic Energy Agency, US Department of Defense; Education - Harvard, Notre Dame: and Not-for-profits – Bread for the World.

Barry and his wife, Dana enjoy kayaking and walking together anywhere. They have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

His most recent book is: AND, Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox, or Dilemma, Volume One: Applications , HRD Press 2020. A second book, Volume Two: Applications was written by Polarity Practitioners, HRD Press 2021.


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