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Episode #42: Conscious Capitalism in the startup world!

Testlio is the originator of networked testing. They are an award-winning combination of platform, freelancers, and services enables you to deliver great customer experiences—fast.

Fundamentally, networked testing is a philosophy and set of practices that are tuned to deliver exceptional quality assurance. Speed. Coverage. Economics.

Networked testing houses multiple connected concepts. Four major elements are team attributes, testing philosophies, engineering alignment, and technology utilization.

Join Testlio's CEO Steve Semelsberger as we discuss the how Conscious Capitalism plays up in the startup world! ***

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About Steve Semelsberger:

Steve is a hybrid growth, innovation, and transformation executive.

Extensive experience partnering with C-level teams at large companies, serving technology/business leaders, and working with entrepreneurs on new ventures.

Previous startup teams produced two IPOs (DMD & MOTV) and two acquisitions (Pluck and iChat), initially delivering more than $2B in returns to investors.



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