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Episode #37: Dangerous Money to Conscious Capital!

Join M&A guru and private equity investor Chris Varelas as we discuss his book, 'How Money Became Dangerous: The Inside Story of Our Turbulent Relationship with Modern Finance'.

Chris lays out the 10 important shifts in our financial system - and the front row seat he had on these developments. We discuss his view of what needs to happen to create more conscious capital and a longer term vision of value creation. He shares his work at the Aspen Institute with the program he co-founded to create what we would call ‘conscious leaders’ in the financial services industry.

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About Chris Varelas:

Chris Varelas is a founding partner of Riverwood Capital, a private equity firm focused on high growth technology companies in need of capital and expertise to scale on a global basis. Prior to establishing Riverwood, Chris worked at Salomon Brothers/Citi as Global Head of Technology, Media & Telecom Investment Banking, Head of Citi’s National Investment Bank, member of Citi’s Global Operating Committee and Culture Czar for all of Citi. As an investment banker, Chris’ primary focus was Mergers & Acquisitions, working on many of the landmark transactions that shaped the technology industry including Compaq/HP, Peoplesoft/Oracle, IBM/PWC and Lucent Fiber.

He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Aspen Institute for which he is a senior moderator and for which he co-founded the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship program, created to produce effective enlightened leaders in the financial services industry. He also sits on the boards of Nextdoor, for which he serves as Lead Director.

Chris earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and a BA from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California for which he serves on the Board of Trustees and leads the Investment Committee.

Chris is the author of How Money Became Dangerous, the inside account of our turbulent relationship with modern finance.



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