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Episode #30: Raising Consciousness, Increasing Wellbeing

What do the concepts of Consciousness, Wellbeing and Longevity mean for Conscious Leadership?

Stephan Rechtschaffen, pioneer in the Consciousness Movement, co-founder of The Omega Institute (one of the largest holistic learning centres in the US), and founder and CEO of the Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Cost Rica is our guest this week and shares with us his wisdom. Stephan is also a leading social entrepreneur and activist in the environmental field in Costa Rica.

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About Stephan Rechtschaffen:

Stephan Rechtschaffen is a physician, author and founder of Blue Spirit Costa Rica which began 12 years ago as a vision to create a center of consciousness committed to aligning with abundant nature and green solutions. Previously, in the mid-70’s, he founded the non-profit Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, which has grown to one of the largest holistic learning centers in the US.

His own inner quest began while a medical student in 1973, when he traveled to India to work in a hospital high in the Himalayas. There he cared for many Tibetan refugees mentally and physically suffering from their harrowing journey to reach freedom in India. This experience led him toward regular meditation practice and he continues to this day as a devoted Tibetan Buddhist practitioner.

As an entrepreneur, Stephan has developed financially thriving organizations in areas that otherwise require donations or outside funding. He regularly consults for socially conscious organizations around the world that focus on creating positive, self-sustaining changes in society aligned with inner wisdom.

As a physician and teacher, Stephan has created the Nosara Longevity Center in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit for people to learn and experience integrative approaches to wellbeing, time, stress reduction and longevity. It is here, where people also regularly attend the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks to restore health, vitality and peace of mind through a multi-faceted approach. He is also the author of “Timeshifting” which was translated into twelve languages, focusing on how to reduce one's stress in a crazy world fixated on going ever faster.

Stephan’s latest passion-project is a major venture in Costa Rica to reverse the global use of pesticides through natural treatments and other initiatives focused on reducing climate change impact. He is currently working on a new book that recognizes that the interwoven path to human longevity is irrevocably tied to our caring for nature and all beings.



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